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Smoke-free public housing good for health, safety and costs

Smoke-free public housing good for health, safety and costs

By TNT Editorial Board  |  November 04, 2012


"But the smoker isn’t the only one at risk. A quarter of those who die in smoking-related fires are the smokers’ children, roommates or neighbors who live in the same building. The minute the THA smoking ban goes into effect, the health and life expectancy of everyone in proximity to the smokers will be affected for the better."


State audit dings Tacoma Housing Authority for “excessive spending” on events for staff, board

Audit: THA misspent $10,000

By Lewis Kamb  |  January 29, 2013


"State auditors say the Tacoma Housing Authority misspent nearly $10,000 on catered events for staff members and board commissioners

from mid-2010 through 2011 - the byproduct of what auditors describe as the agency’s lax approach for ensuring public money is properly spent."




Tacoma Housing Authority Board Votes to Adopt Smoke-Free Housing Policy

"Tacoma, Wash.—In an effort to provide healthier housing for its residents and a healthier work place for its employees, the Tacoma Housing Authority (THA) board recently voted to prohibit smoking in all of its rental housing units. The move makes THA one of the largest housing providersin Pierce County to adopt a smoke-free housing policy..."

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