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Tacoma Housing Authority's Education Project at McCarver Elementary Shows Progress, Attracts Local and National Attention

“THA is learning that a public housing authority, in how it uses its housing resources, can help children succeed in school and help schools that serve its communities.”
- Michael Mirra
Executive Director, Tacoma Housing Authority (THA)


THA Opening its HOP Waitlist!

What is the HOP Program?

On June 3rd, 2013, the Tacoma Housing Authority will begin accepting applications for placement on the Housing Opportunity Program (HOP) waiting list.  The HOP Program is THA's new rental assistance program.  It helps people pay their rent on housing they find on the private rental market in the City of Tacoma.  In this way, it is like the Section 8 voucher program.  The HOP program replaces the Section 8 voucher program for new applicants.  The HOP program is different than the Section 8 program in some important ways.  For example:



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