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Tacoma Housing Authority operates one waitlist for all of its programs and properties. Below is information on our rental assistance programs, the waitlist, and the process of receiving rental assistance.

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A rental assistance program helps people pay for housing. Clients find and rent from private owners using vouchers. We offer two programs to accomplish this: 

  1. Housing Opportunity Program (HOP) 
  2. Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program

NOTE: All new vouchers will be issued under the HOP subsidy.

Here is how the process works: People apply to THA to be placed on a waitlist. This list is long because so many people need housing assistance and our funding and supply of vouchers is not enough to meet the need. It is our goal to open the waitlist to allow more people to apply once every few years.

Once a person comes to the top of the waitlist, we will determine if he or she is eligible for a voucher. If eligible, they will be scheduled to attend a briefing meeting. At the meeting they will learn about the program and the voucher will be issued. The voucher enables us to help pay a portion of the rent on a private dwelling that the voucher holder finds on the private rental market within our boundary. The voucher holder is responsible for finding a landlord willing to rent to them based on their criteria. (According to Washington State Law, no landlord can deny a potential renter solely based on the fact that they have a voucher/their source of income.) The apartment or house must pass THA's inspection before we can start making rent payments.