Meeting Schedules

Meeting Schedules

All Regular Meetings begin at 4:45 pm. 
All Special Sessions begin at 12:00 pm and end at approximately 1:00 pm.
Meeting dates, locations, and times are subject to change.

You may contact the THA office the week prior to the scheduled meeting to confirm this information. The site is accessible to persons with disabilities. Persons requiring special accommodations should contact Sha Peterson at (253) 207-4450, before 4 pm the day before the scheduled meeting.

Please note for schedule changes:
Red language depicts change or cancellation
Underlined language depicts schedule addition

2017 Board of Commissioners Meeting Schedule

Regular Meetings

Special Sessions


January 25th


Dixon Villiage
5420 S. Stevens


February 3rd

902 South L. Street, 2nd Floor

February 22nd


902 South L. Street, 2nd Floor

March 22nd


E.B. Wilson
1202 South M. Street

April 26th


North K
911 North K. Street


May 5th

902 South L. Street

May 24th


Wright Street
602 S. Wright Avenue

June 28th


North G
401 North G. Street


July 14th

902 South L. Street

July 26th


6th Avenue
2302 6th Avenue

August 23rd

Annual & Regular Meeting


Salishan FIC
1724 East 44th Street


September 8th

902 South L. Street, 2nd Floor

September 27th


5425 S. Lawrence Street

October 25th


Bergerson Terrace
5303 S. Orchard Street


November 3rd

902 South L. Street, 2nd Floor

November 15th


Dixon Village
5420 S. Stevens

December 13th


Bay Terrace
2550 South G. Street