Real Estate Development Projects

Real Estate Development Projects

Tacoma Housing Authority's (THA's) Real Estate Development Department is responsible for carrying out the agency's development and revitalization work.  This includes the following activities:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Develop new properties
  • Perform market assessments
  • Perform capital needs assessments
  • Procure construction work and architectural services
  • Respond to major modernization needs within the portfolio
  • Participate on THA's Asset Management Committee

This work relates to the following Strategic Objectives adopted by THA's Board of Commissioners:

  • Housing and Real Estate Development

    THA will efficiently develop housing and properties that serve primarily families and individuals unable to find the affordable and supportive housing they need.  Its work will promote the community’s development.  Its properties will be financially sustainable, environmentally innovative, and attractive.

  • Environmental Responsibility

    THA will develop and operate its properties in a way that preserves and protects natural resources