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If you feel your rights have been violated or you have been discriminated:


Disclaimer: THA has prepared these tips to help make your rental experience favorable. We do not provide advice or represent anyone in legal issues.

  • Document all communications with your landlord
  • Always get a receipt for money paid to the landlord
  • DO NOT withhold rent if the landlord is not making repairs
  • Your deposit CAN be returned when you move out
  • Take pictures before you move in and during walk through (with date stamp)
  • Note any problems and tell your landlord within 24 hours
  • Leave the home the same way as when you moved in (pictures help)
  • Don’t leave out food, garbage, or dirty dishes in sink – attracts insects and critters
  • Have the exit (move-out) walk through after your items are out of the home
  • A landlord can place a judgment against you if you cause more damage that is not covered in your deposit
  • Prioritize paying rent
  • Try to avoid late fees, but if you are going to be a late on your rent – let your landlord know – they may work with you
  • Landlords can only enforce rules written in the lease
  • Give the required notice when planning to move out and don’t assume they will keep the entire deposit if you don’t give the full notice – they may work with you
  • If you break something – tell the landlord, or tell them you will fix it correctly.
  • A bad rental reference can follow you for years, so be honest, and try to exit on agreeable terms