Proposed Changes to the Housing Opportunity Program

The Tacoma Housing Authority Seeks Comments and Suggestions About Changes its Considering to it's Housing Programs.

Housing Opportunity Program (HOP)

At its February 28th meeting, the Tacoma Housing Authority's (THA) Board of Commissioners will consider some changes to the Housing Opportunity Program (HOP). To help it decide, THA analyzed the HOP program to date. Read the HOP Analysis.

That report lists some possible changes for the Board to consider. A HOP Summary Report was also written. In writing this report, THA consulted with program households, participating landlords, community partners, public officials, and other housing authorities that face the same brutal challenge of increasing need and flat resources. THA has also consulted available research. 



Moving To Work Changes

The main change in our MTW plan would help THA with its continuing and increasingly hard struggle to serve the same number of needy households at rising rental costs in one of the hardest rental markets in the nation and to do so with flat funding from HUD. The other change would have THA retain property it already owns. Instead of its original plan to sell this property, THA proposes to keep it and to develop a campus to house and serve homeless youth.



THA will hold public hearings to listen to your comments:

February 5th, 2018

11:30 am
Bay Terrace
2550 South G. Street, Tacoma 98405

6:00 pm
Tacoma Housing Authority
902 South L. Street, Tacoma 98405

Want to attend the evening meeting but need childcare? Let us know

THA’s Board of Commissioners will consider these changes on February 28, 2018; 4:45 PM at EB Wilson Apartments, 1202 South M Street in Tacoma. You are also welcome to attend and comment then.

We warmly welcome your comments and suggestions. Please send them to us by February 15, 2018; 5:00 p.m.  

You can do that by email, mail or telephone to: 

Tacoma Housing Authority
Aley Thompson

902 South L. Street
Tacoma, WA 98405

Phone: (253) 274-5587





Tuesday, January 16, 2018