Not Selected Waitlist Applicants Letter

Not Selected Waitlist Applicants Letter

This letter was sent to applicants that were not randomly selected for the 2019 waitlist lottery. 


Thank you for applying to the Tacoma Housing Authority waitlist. During the application period, we received more than 4,883 applications. We randomly selected 1,200 of them for the waitlist. We are sorry to report that your name was not selected. You were not placed on the waitlist.

We expect this is disappointing to hear. We hope you can understand that Tacoma Housing Authority does not have enough resources to serve everyone who needs our help.

We have two other suggestions for you:

  • If you are homeless or need housing right away, call 211. They can tell you what help is available in Pierce County.
  • In about two years, we expect to re-open our waitlist. You can visit to get an email the next time the waitlist opens. You can also check our website or Facebook every so often to find out when that will happen. When it does, you are welcome to try again.

We wish we could be more helpful to more people. The need is great, and our resources are just not enough.

If you have any further questions, please contact our office at (253) 448-2738


Housing Resources

Call 211 

This number gets you to United Way of Pierce County.  It can refer you to other places for other sorts of help including:

  • Rent and Utility Assistance
  • Counseling and Mental Health Services
  • Food and Clothing Resources
  • Shelter and Affordable Housing
  • Employment and Education Services
  • Military/Veteran Resources
  • Transportation

Pierce County Coordinated Entry: (253) 682-3401 

United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD): - a web site to find affordable housing

Pierce County Housing Authority:

Seattle Housing Authority:

King County Housing Authority:

Renton Housing Authority:

Housing Search Northwest web site:

Shared Housing Services of Tacoma:

Mercy Housing:

Human Good (housing for seniors)(formerly called American Baptist Homes of the West):

Korean Womens Association: