Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objectives

Amended by the THA Board: February 27, 2013

Housing and Supportive Services: THA will provide high-quality housing, rental assistance and supportive services. Its supportive services will help people succeed as tenants, parents, students, wage earners and builders of assets who can live without assistance. It will focus this assistance to meet the greatest need.

Housing and Real Estate Development: THA will efficiently develop housing and properties that serve primarily families and individuals unable to find the affordable and supportive housing they need. Its work will promote the community’s development. Its properties will be financially sustainable, environmentally innovative, and attractive.

Property Management: THA will manage its properties so they are safe, efficient to operate, good neighbors, attractive assets to their neighborhoods and places where people want to live.

Financially Sustainable Operations: THA seeks to be more financially self-sustaining.

Environmental Responsibility: THA will develop and operate its properties in a way that preserves and protects natural resources.

Advocacy and Public Education: THA will advocate for the value of its work and for the interests of the people it serves. It will be a resource for high quality advice, data and information on housing, community development, and related topics. THA will do this work at the local, state and national levels.

Administration: THA will have excellent administrative systems. Its staff will have skills that make THA highly efficient and effective in the customer service it provides to the public and among its departments. It will provide a workplace that attracts, develops and retains motivated and talented employees. 

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